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Yesterday morning, one of our cats, Rossi, suffered what appears to be a stroke. Normally in the morning, he goes outside and sharpens up his claws then comes right back in. He didn’t…and instead was crying and disoriented at the side of the house.

He’s having difficulty with one leg and in general his motor skills are a mess. Hopefully,  he’ll recover. We don’t know for sure what caused it so we don’t know if he’ll have further episodes. We are giving him some medication and making sure food gets into his belly and we’ll be giving him fluids by IV daily, and we’ll see how he does over time.

Rossi was a stray who decided to adopt us when we lived up on Blackthorn Ave. He was pretty wild back then and a skinny waif. We’ve had him for quite a few years but we don’t know how old he was when he showed up on our porch so we don’t know how old he is.

We’re hoping we see some improvement every day.


  1. I’m so sorry to hear this. Poor Rossi. I hope that he recovers and continues to enjoy your loving home. So very sad.

    • He’s doing a lot of resting. We’re feeding him with what looks like a small turkey baster. Tonight we try the IV. We’re taking it day by day, and hopefully he’ll bounce back. Apparently cats often recover from strokes. Short of doing a CT scan, it’s difficult to be sure what caused the event, so it’s hard to tell if it is likely to happen again.

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