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Kibble please

The other lions are having a morning nap but Bugs is feeling a bit peckish, and is demanding kibble. Grace-a-roo is on her throne in the dining room….

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The Old Man

Shadow, AKA The Old Man, was at the clinic today for some extensive dental surgery. His teeth were in rough shape and he needed several extractions. I know from our experience with Jerry a few years ago, what a huge difference it can make to… Read More

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The Old Man goes to the vet

We call Shadow The Old Man. He’s the senior cat around this joint, the last cat who moved with us from Blackthorn Ave west to Long Branch. There were actually two cats the local kids called Shadow and they looked identical. Their dad was a… Read More

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We have a painted wood staircase going up to the bedrooms. Yesterday I gave it a fresh coat of paint. The Ladybug (AKA Bugsy) couldn’t wait to try it out.