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Logan Branch

loganbranch by mister anchovy
loganbranch, a photo by mister anchovy on Flickr.

Here’s another older painting from the vaults. This one is from 2001 or 2002. That winter was a very prolific one for me. I worked in the studio constantly and produced a lot of paintings. They were all done with oil-based paints, including some industrial paints, on either canvas or panel, and most of them were small (or smallish). I think this painting is 16 inches tall. I exhibited quite a number of paintings from this group at Loop Gallery. A number of these paintings still resonate with me, and I still have a few of them in storage. I recall painting them. I had 10 or 12 paintings on the go at the same time, working them on the floor and the walls of my little studio. I’d work up a few of them and set them aside to dry some and immediately work on another bunch, then go back to the first ones in a few days for another session. The whole business was very direct. I recall thinking of something Ron Bloore used to say back when he was my teacher: “Painting is Thinking”.

Logan Branch, by the way, is the name of a stream in Pennsylvania.

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