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Since I shut down the old blog, Mister Anchovy’s, and opened up this joint, I’ve made 1500 posts. If you want to get technical, this is post number 1501. Mostly the same old crap I know, but still it represents 1500 little ideas. This place has enjoyed 66,967 views. The old place had many more than that, but it was open for business a lot longer. The stats don’t show it but I know that of all those hits, half a dozen faithful pals account for the bulk of the action. You know who you are (and you know you rock).

There have been 3,191 comments. Compared to many blogs, this one gets very few comments. However, it gets quality comments from the best comment posters ever.

I’ve created 2,954 tags and 63 categories. See, it’s not just about accordions and dogs.


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