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Yesterday between 6:00 and 6:30 pm, I was with the dogs in the dog park at the filtration plant, next to Sam Smith Park. I was talking to the owner of another Newfoundland who comes to the park when we noticed this helicopter getting lower and lower over the yacht club down by the water. It hovered for a minute and then landed. From where we were it was difficult to see exactly where it landed but it must have been either in the yacht club where the boats are wintered or in the field just to the east of that. We figured it was there on a rescue as it was one of the ORNGE helicopters. Shortly after, we heard sirens and then watched an ambulance followed in a few minutes by a fire truck and then a police car and then another fire truck. It turns out it landed because there was a problem with the helicopter and not to make a rescue. Fortunately everyone was safe.

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