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Casting Call

Amongst our mail today was a flyer from HGTV about a TV show called May the Best House Win. On one side, here is what it says:

Is your house, condo or apartment your pride & joy?

HGTV’s new series MAY THE BEST HOUSE WIN features four house-proud individuals who will open their doors to one another. They’ll critique and mark each other’s homes and the one with the highest score gets $1000!

Any size, any style, rent or own. The only requirement is that you love your space and think other peole will too! If you’ve ever dreamed of being on HGTV and showing off your design skills and unique personal style, now’s your chance.

On the other side of the flyer it reads: We are casting in your area for HGTV’s May the Best House Win…and then there’s a hand-written note:

Love the one-of-a-kind yard! For sure a stand out home. If you want to come on our show please let us know.

Imagine that. For a chance at $1,000 we could turn our little piece of paradise into a reality TV freak show. I think not.


  1. Cindy

    Eugene… Don’t be silly, you have to do it. What fun! Just think of the stories you’d have to tell!

    • Haha. There is no chance in hell that I would allow people to come into my house and “mark it” and have a crew film the whole business. Not for $1,000 or 10X that. I can see it now. “Oooh, why do they have all these accordions in the living room?….”

      • Salvelinas Fontinalis

        Shows like that are great, the burglars dont even have to case the joint they can just scope it out from their living rooms. The question is though would you do it for a chance to win $50,000? The reality shows suck. Instead of paying the crew of Friends $500,000 each for each episode they offer contestants a chance for one of them to maybe win $1000. cheap bastards.

        Speaking of burglars, a few years ago I got a phone call from a really lazy one. ‘Hi I am taking a survey for Acme Survey Corporation I wonder if you could tell me when you will be taking your next out of country vacation’ . I actually apologized to the guy and said I was spending my vacation this year sitting in the kitchen with the lights out with a loaded shotgun. Click.

        • I’m not sure just what my price is but I’m sure I have one. Maybe if they paid us $10,000 for a couple days shooting I’d consider it.

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