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Legacy what Legacy

On October 4, 2009, I stopped posting on my old blog, Mister Anchovy’s, on the Blogger platform and created this chunk of paradise, 27th Street, on WordPress. For some time after that, I continued to make some posts using my Blogger account, as I was making occasional posts on a blues blog called Squeeze My Lemon. I haven’t had content in my little brain for Fitz’s fine blues blog in some time, so I haven’t had occasion to log into my old Blogger dashboard.

Recently I started getting messages from the good folks at Google like this one:

You are receiving this message because your email address is associated with an unmigrated legacy Blogger account. As we announced in April of last year, legacy accounts will no longer be accessible after May 30th, 2012 unless they are updated to the Google Account system. Any blog content associated with this account will also be unmodifiable after that date.

To transfer your blog to the Google Account system you need to visit the Legacy Migration page at right now to make sure that your account and associated blogs are claimed. If you’ve forgotten the Blogger password that is associated with this email address, you can use our Account Recovery page at to request password information to be sent via email.

For more information, please see our initial announcement we posted to our blog at . If you have questions, please visit our Help Forum at and create a message with [Legacy Account] in the subject line.


The Blogger Team

This e-mail is being sent to notify you of important changes to your Blogger account.

I ignored these but after a while I thought it would be a shame to have the all the old content from Mister Anchovy’s jettisoned into the ether, so I thought OK fine I’ll comply. I clicked the link and it took me to a log in page in which it appeared they wanted me to use my old pre-Google account log-in. This was strange because I use my Google account to access the old blog. Of course I didn’t have the log-in info. Not a problem though, because they provided a link to reset my password. I did this but it still didn’t work. Then I thought, hey wait a minute, maybe I’m getting these messages related to some other blog I had posting privileges on that was never migrated. I don’t know if that’s the case or not, but I thought it was a possibility. A little more research led me to a forum and a post titled Some Answers to the Legacy Account Issue.

Blogger should have provided more information in the initial email, referred you to the homepage to make it seem more safe, and provide you with all the details on your legacy accounts, and blogs, and tools to easily regain access to claim and migrate them. It seems they are on track to do something like that now, but if you don’t remember or know what old accounts/blogs are involved, or can’t gain access to them, there is nothing you can currently do, but wait for more information from Blogger.

I feel better now. I’m not the most technical guy. I don’t care about legacy systems but when they make changes, I wish they would not make it the end users’ problem. I’ve decided to simply ignore this whole business. I hope my old content isn’t zapped into oblivion but I’m not married to the past either.

So far since I’ve been on WordPress, my user experience has been nice and clean. Hopefully that will continue.

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