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Bye Bye Cable

I canceled our cable tv today. For years we were good with rabbit ears, but when we moved to Long Branch we decided to try out cable. We get loads and loads of channels but very little programming that really interests us. I suggested to the guy at the cable office that if he could offer us HBO + the movie channel only and charge us $10 each month, we would seriously consider it. He told me a sad tale. He said the government forces the cable companies to force many different channels on their customers. If it weren’t for that darned government always getting in the way, his company could be much more reasonable. Right. Left to their own devices the cable giants will always do the right thing.

And so, we have 30 days of cable left. I feel free.


  1. I suspect you won’t miss that much. I lived for many years without a television when I was a student (in the pre-internet era!) and didn’t notice any void.

  2. I was thinking that there was a time, back when I was living in old Coffin Factory and before that too, when I completely lost touch with television. I mean to say that I owned one, but it didn’t have much of a picture and I could hardly get any channels. I missed, for instance, the entire first run of Seinfeld. People would be talking about episodes of this tv show and I would have no idea what they were going on about. Later, I caught some of them in repeats, but I’m not sure what all the fuss was about.

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