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Setting the Pace

We sat down this evening to watch Dragon’s Den on CBC. You know the show, the one in which entrepreneurs make funding-for-equity pitches to super-rich celebrity business people. It has other names in other countries but the format is similar. I noticed right away tonight… Read More

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Bad TV Westerns

When I was stranded in central Pennsylvania, waiting for a new radiator, I stayed in a motel that featured a tv station which appeared to specialize in bad western serials. The television set itself came from the era these shows were made and so I… Read More

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Peaky Blinders

My friend East Texas Red recommended we watch a show called Peaky Blinders (on Netflix). This was not so long ago, but we’ve already exhausted the 3 seasons available so far. Peaky Blinders is a story about a family of gangsters in post-WWI Birmingham in… Read More

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We’ve been watching Detectorists on Netflix. For those who have not heard of this show, it’s a British comedy show about two guys and their friends in a metal detecting club in a rural community in England. I enjoy the gentle, dry humour in this… Read More

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We gobbled up the entire first season of the new show on Netflix called Ozark over the past few days. It’s about a financial planner in Chicago suddenly packs up his family and moves to the Ozarks. He’s been laundering money for a Mexican drug… Read More

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Tough work?

The other night I watched a bit of one of those cooking game shows. It was one of those shows hosted by a panel of so-called celebrity chefs, in which home cooks subject themselves to a great deal of humiliation in their quest for a… Read More