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In the Garden

Regular visitors will have figured out by now that I like gardening, and I usually have some garden project or another under way. Today I’m going to post some shots of the back gardens.

The garden on the left in the photo above doesn’t look like it’s up to much yet but give it some time. I have several young tomato plants in there along with some herbs and some greens that will hopefully be ready before the tomatoes get big. I’ve also put in a few marigolds around the edges just because. Behind that garden, I made a little log bench. There’s a woodsy bit in behind with a path that goes around it, and I’ve now extended that path out to meet the tomato garden and the perennial garden behind it.

I’ve added more material to the lean-to, including an old antler and a broken ukulele and loads more sticks. There’s a honeysuckle starting to climb the shovel, and when it achieves that, I’m going to train it over to the lean-to.

We don’t need enough garden veggies to stock a grocery store. This little raised patch gives us plenty. I’ve picked enough for a huge salad every day for the past week.

There is a family of sparrows living in the bird house. In fact, it’s time for flight school. Everytime I look at the bird house there is a bird either on top of it, on the perch, jumping in the hole, or emerging from the hole. That is, unless I have a camera in my hand, which renders them invisible.


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