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Moonrise Kingdom

We trundled out to see Moonrise Kingdom last night, the new Wes Anderson film with an ensemble cast that includes Frances McDormand, Bill Murray, Bruce Willis, Ed Norton and most importantly, two young actors, Jared Gilman as Sam and and Kara Hayward as Suzy.

What can I say about this film? I guess you could call it a summer camp love story about two somewhat troubled youngsters who meet one summer, become pen pals and vow to run off together the next year when the Sam is a scout camp. The potential exists here for one dreary film, but Moonrise Kingdom is anything by dreary.

It is clever, funny, very charming, and all around delightful. The cast is perfect and the kids do a fine and understated job. Even Bruce Willis is good in this film, and I have a very very low Bruce Willis tolerance level. The adults see these kids as dysfunctional but of course it is the adults all around them who are dysfunctional. The kids are finding their way, charmed by the naive magic of youth.

This is the best film I’ve seen in some time. Just go see it now.


For my fellow Canadians out there, Happy Canada Day.

And to my friends celebrating Pride this weekend, have a great party!

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