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Canoe Garden

After taking the dogs for their Sunday morning walk, I snapped a few shots of the canoe garden. Strange sky. Is it going to rain? It’s still so humid my camera lens fogs up when I start taking pictures. A few notes on the new gardens. New gardens are new gardens. They look stark and too empty. I want to fill them up, but I know that they will grow and fill in and be just fine. Patience. The bow and the stern of the canoe are empty. We’re going to use the two ends of the canoe for annuals. The middle area of the canoe is wider and I’ve taken the bottom out – I think it’s more likely we can get perennials to winter in the centre than on the ends where the canoe still has some bottom and where it narrows right down. As soon as we see them around, we’re going to put an ornamental cabbage on each end.

We had a rain that created a water path through the new garden behind the canoe. I used some pieces of flagstone and some pea gravel to strengthen that path so each rainstorm doesn’t erode away the gardens. The garden behind the water path is not yet fully planted. We’ll get to it…

The garden on the near side of the path is mostly an ornamental grass garden. Some of those grasses will grow quite tall and will partially obscure the path and the view of the canoe from the street. Hey, what’s that in there, behind the grasses? Is that a canoe garden? There may even be another garden in front of the ornamental grass garden at some point in the future, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

I suppose a front yard canoe garden will seem unusual to some folks but it’s no more unusual than having a six foot tall mosaic owl stuck to the front of the house.

The canoe is sunken into the ground a bit on the stern side, runs along ground level for most of it’s length and on the bow comes just above ground level. We wanted it to sit as naturally as possible in our little landscape, just as if it belonged there.

The giant lime-green hosta from another planet is such a striking element in the garden, it seems to explode over the bow of the canoe. You can see the paddles, which came with the canoe, lying against the canoe. That’s temporary. We haven’t decided how we’re going to use them yet. The folks who sold us the canoe commented that we can’t go canoeing without paddles. I neglected to tell them that this canoe would never float again.

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