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What was your most spectacular earworm?

You know what I mean. What was the last tune that jangled around in your head and just wouldn’t go away? Hopefully it was a good song. I’ve had evil earworms too – songs I just can’t stand. Then there’s a song you like….until you finally expel it from your consciousness, at which point you never want to hear it again. Once, on a fly fishing trip to Wyoming, I had Ry Cooder singing Jesus on the Mainline  in my thick skull for days. Then there was the Zydeco version of Pass the Dutchie performed by Chris Ardoin and Double Clutchin’. There was Barrett’s Privateers by Stan Rogers. Isis by Bob Dylan. And, the first time I heard Sun Ra and the Arkestra performing Disney classics on Second Star to the Right, I was singing Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah for days. Tell me yours.

and here’s The White Stripes covering Isis by Bob Dylan (WOW!)

and finally, the late great Stan Rogers. Barrett’s Privateers


  1. Bloggerboy

    Heard a version of this song on the radio recently and cannot get it out of my head:

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