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Taggers have hit the water treatment plant

It wasn’t bad enough they tagged birdhouses and garbage bins in Sam Smith Park this summer. Now they’ve tagged the water treatment plant.  It isn’t the handsomest building around, but now it has these ugly scars. Do we see this graffiti as shining examples of rugged individualism? Well, actually the tags look just like all the other tags, the very same ugly stylized lettering all these sad people have used for years and years. Are they making a statement? Water treatment plants don’t deserve to be clean? Does it make you feel tough? What exactly do you hate?

Mostly, it’s just rude and disrespectful. It’s not cool.


  1. There is such a vast difference among what is left behind by taggers, whether you call it graffiti or street art. Those ugly ubiquitous stylized letters is so overdone that it makes no statement whatsoever except I was here. But there is some very thoughtful beautiful street art out there as well. It’s a shame your water treatment plant did not receive the latter.

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