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Opening the can

This morning I removed the screw top from the SULFLO can to  see what was inside. There is still a little bit of oil down at the bottom, just enough to about cover the bottom of the can. It looks as if something yellowish has caked on the inside of the can. While I’m awaiting my banjo neck to arrive, I can get prepared by cleaning and drying the inside of the can. I’m going to visit my local Canadian Tire today and see if I can get some kind of absorbent material that will suck up the oil residue in the can. I think then I’ll try washing the interior by swishing around some soapy water, and then finally I’ll leave it to dry with the lid off.


  1. StephenBrassawe

    Should work. Don’t let anything stand between you and the completion of this project. I want to hear that instrument.

  2. Love that kitchen… are really going to make a musical intrument eh…You will have to do a recording for us when you strum it. Itrust you will be showing us the construction stages and regaling us with teh details of putting this baby together.

    • Yes, I’ll show the construction in stages and a little video when it’s done. Then of course I have to learn to play the damn thing. It isn’t my first home-made instrument. I made a gut-bucket bass a couple years ago. I’ve done a little work with kids, playing squeezebox and getting them playing various shakers and drums – and the gut-bucket bass, which sounds surprisingly good. One day I was doing this with a group of kids at a daycare and I showed this one little tot how to work the bass and he started playing along like he’d been doing it for years. It was a beautiful thing.

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