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Progress on the new oil can banjo

The person who sold me the red can on ebay was kind enough to include some machine oil still in the can. Generous yes, but the thing is you need a dry oil-free can for a canjo. I found some of this interesting product at my local Canadian Tire store…

IMG-20130219-00482It’s Flubber Dust and apparently, it sucks oils and odours from surfaces, just what the Dr. ordered. I poured some into the can and shook it all about for a while, left it in there for an hour, dumped it out and added some fresh stuff. I’m leaving this sit in the can overnight. Tomorrow, I’ll try washing the can out with soapy water and see if the oil is cleaned up.

I roughed out the neck shape on one of the blanks I made, using a band saw. I put the can in the photo below so you can visualize how the neck and the can look together.

IMG-20130219-00486The next step is to start shaping the bottom of the neck and the peg head. Notice at the bottom of the fingerboard I’ve left a gap of about an eighth of an inch. This is to compensate for the lip of the can, so the neck joins the can properly and at the same time the fingerboard is flush with the can. On my first canjo, I installed the ready-made neck under the lip. that worked out ok, but I think my approach on this one will enable me to more accurately attach the neck.


  1. I’m not gonna lie – I love the name Flubber Dust! I hope it did the trick, because I think that gorgeous red can will make a beautiful banjo.

    • Ha, I impulse bought the stuff on the strength of the name. Works well though. I started the carving part of the process last night. It’s a lot of work, in part because I was tentative with the band saw (I stayed outside the lines in fear of wrecking the whole neck). I’m really excited about it though. I think it’s going to be a really nice instrument. Fretless canjos are even cooler than fretted one, if you can imagine that!

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