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Hog-eyed man

I don’t think I’ve heard this tune before coming across it today on the YouTube. It’s called Hog-eyed Man and it features Tim Rowell on clawhammer and Cathy Mason on fiddle. Great tune and beautifully played too!

Update on the new canjos:

Today I drew the neck on one of the completed blanks. I spent quite a bit of time messing with the peg head and I’m still undecided on the shape I want. Once I settle on that, this neck will be ready for the initial shaping on the bandsaw.

I also have to clean the inside of one of the cans, as it arrived with a bit of oil still on the bottom, but I think I’ll find some lame excuse for delaying that job one more day. I took the handles off both cans because the positioning of the handles and cap made installing a neck impossible unless I did it on the reverse side of the can (not so attractive).


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