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Weather Report

Weather in Manistique

Weather in Manistique

I’ve been watching the weather in Upper Michigan, since I’m planning to camp during the week. The picture above is for Manistique on the South Side of the Upper Michigan Peninsula. Looking further north to Munising or Seney, the forecast adds possible thunderstorms for Friday. There is a greater than 50:50 chance of rain on Monday and 20% chance of rain on Tuesday. I don’t mind camping in damp weather but I much prefer it if it isn’t raining when I’m setting up camp. My initial plan was to stay in a motel Sunday night and again Friday night and camp in between, but now I’m planning for the possibility of staying an extra night with a solid roof over my head, in the event Monday is very rainy. There was a time I’d camp through anything, but I’m more comfort-minded these days.

The next question is what the rain will do to the fishing. In general cloudy skies will make for better fishing, particularly during mid-day when sunny skies drive the trout under cover. On the other hand, if there is lots of rain, there is a chance it will blow out some of the streams. Some streams are affected to a greater degree by the rain, and a lengthy rain will turn some of them to chocolate milk.  I’m anticipating some good fishing (of course the fishin’ is usually good, even when the catchin’ is slow – any old fool knows that)

I’ll be hitting the road tomorrow morning. I’ll update this blog if I can find some WiFi in my travels.


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