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I go away for just a few days….

….and while I’m gone, Tuffy P. re-ups our cat population. Regular readers know that 2013 has been a disastrous year for our gang of cats. First we lost dear old Delia, who gave us 20 faithful years. Then Rossi, who suffered a stroke, and survived a year of seizures which increased in frequency and severity. Finally, we lost Jerry, who you know was the best cat you’ll ever meet. For sure it was time for a kitten, but when I called from Manistique Michigan I was surprised Tuffy brought home two. Meet Phyllis and Gracie. Phyllis is the one with the longer hair. Tuffy shot the video down in my painting studio….

Tuffy started the kittens out in a room away from the other animals and has been gradually introducing them to the house. Today, they were allowed the run of the house and they’ve been exploring everywhere. They’re both lovely kittens, playful and happy to be with people. The dogs seem fine with them. Jacques seems fine with them too. Shadow is a little stand-offish but he’s going to be OK. Jack Shadbolt is having the hardest time dealing with the new kittens and has been showing who is boss with some well-placed hisses. Hopefully, he will soon decide to be friends.


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