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The first 6 deer I saw on my recent road-trip were carcasses at the side of the I-75 on the lower Michigan penninsula (not to mention an assortment of dead raccoons, possum, skunks, porcupines and various unidentified animals). Later I would see a couple dozen live ones at various times and places in forests and by the roadside. There are a lot of deer on the Upper Peninsula. In fact, I found not seeing deer to be unusual.

I saw an assortment of birds of prey, as well as crows, robins, swallows, finches, grouse, quail, not to mention birds I heard but never saw, such as the whip-poor-will who serenaded me to sleep nightly. And then there were the turkeys.


DSC03137DSC03122 DSC03121

I skidded to a stop to take the last two shots. What I missed in the photo were a several babies walking along with mama turkey. They were tiny and I could barely see them through the brush. If I were a little quicker, I might have caught then a couple feet back where there was a little bit of a clearing, but unfortunately, by the time I fumbled for my camera and snapped a couple shots, they had disappeared into the longer grasses.

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