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What the Crow Said

It was chaos up in the spruces out back yesterday. There is a colony of red-winged blackbirds living up there somewhere in the high branches. Mid-afternoon a raiding party of crows showed up, creating havoc. The blackbirds did not take this sitting down. The whole… Read More

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Sneaky Robins

I was out messing about in the back yard this afternoon, doing some early garden work, when I noticed robins flying over to a basket which is part of our first Imagination Station. The birds were perching on the edge of the basket then hopping… Read More

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Bird is the Word

Two starlings stopped by the feeders today. They’re so pushy and rude and they don’t like to share. We also had a mourning dove enjoying seeds spilled on the ground by the starlings. Some of the sparrow colony stayed inside the condo today, enjoying some… Read More