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Fly fishing

IMG_1218It looked like it might rain this morning but I took a chance it was just going to be overcast, and I took off to do a little trout fishing. This is a river I haven’t fished for many years. A friend of mine fished it last year and caught some good browns, so I thought I’d give it try.

IMG_1219The river looks really good. It has some deep runs with “bombshelters” for good trout to hide and as well it has plenty of inviting riffles.

IMG_1216I saw some big trout that looked at small streamer flies, but only managed to catch a bunch of smaller trout. There was a fair blue-winged olive emergence this morning and I saw a few hendrickson duns just after lunch before the sun came out. The trout were uninterested in flies on the surface today though, so I drifted nymphs and cast streamers.

It was great to get out and explore this stream. Lovely day – and no rain.


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