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I love rivers

Or as Ramblin’ Jack said: Did you ever…..stand and shiver….just because, just because….you’re lookin’….at a ri-ver? I have to hand it to my friend Bill. He wasn’t discouraged after last week’s day on the Grand River, and yesterday afternoon he showed his determination. Bill’s casting… Read More

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A day on the river

Yesterday afternoon, after I voted in our ill-fated Ontario provincial election, Bill picked me up and we headed for the Grand River for an evening of fly fishing. Bill is new to the fly fishing game, so we did some casting practice close to home… Read More

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At the Vice

Growing up,  one of the major events of the spring in our house was the opening of trout season. At some point during my university days I pretty much gave up the ritual of chasing trout, but in the early 90s, along with my friend… Read More

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Two Rivers

A bonus that comes with being a retired guy is that you can plan to go fishin’ during the week when most piscators are busy with the work-a-day world. Today I fished two rivers. This was not my intention. My intention was to catch plenty… Read More

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At the vice

I’ve been a trout fisherman as long as I can remember. I count among my earliest joyful memories the days my father took me to trout streams and showed me where the trout lived and how to catch them. He was an unrepentant bank-napping bait… Read More