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That’s the best ending they could come up with?

We’ve been watching True Detective on DVD and until tonight when we watched the final episode, we’ve been totally enjoying the show in all it’s twisted dark gumbo-noir detail. What’s with the limp cop-out happily-ever-after sucky lame ending?


  1. Tim

    I was shocked at how the show seemed to stumble after the first two episodes (which I loved). It turns out that they went back and re-wrote the first two after having finished the season. The final episode was truly terrible and veered so far off-course it made me question whether it was the work of the same team. It went from subtle clues to sledgehammer ending.

  2. I couldn’t get past the first or second episode. Matthew McConaughey’s character and his ramblings drove me crazy. I practically cheered when Woody Harrelson told him “new rule – no talking in the car”. Sheesh.

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