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Quicksand in Mississauga?

The Toronto Star has published an article about quicksand warning signs in an area of Mississauga, although their investigation failed to turn up any actual quicksand. I don’t think I’ve seen real quicksand before. It seems like something out of the movies. I have experienced some serious and difficult mud before – in fact just this Monday when I was out trout fishing. It looked wet but safe. There was vegetation growing on the surface….but I sunk down past my knees and it took me some time to free myself. It happened once before while out fly fishing with my friend East Texas Red. That time he kindly helped me get out. I can only imagine that actual quicksand, stuff capable of gobbling a guy up, stuff that pulls you deeper the more you struggle, must be tremendously scary.

A City spokesperson suggested there are soft spots in the Fletcher’s Creek area that could be difficult to get out of. Perhaps the signs are a little over the top.

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