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The Ghost Plant

I came across a fascinating plant today – Monotropa uniflora – known commonly by various names – ghost plant, ghost pipe, Indian pipe or corpse plant. It typically grows when there is a good deal of rain after a dry spell and so I sometimes… Read More

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I was out for a walk this morning along the Humber River and came across this beautiful Ganoderma. I couldn’t tell what kind of dead tree it was growing on so I’m not sure if it is a Ganoderma tsugae (grows on hemlock) or Ganoderma… Read More

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Find the heron

I took the dogs up to the leash free area on Etobicoke Creek yesterday for a swim. While we were there, a heron flew down. Too bad I only had my phone and not my camera with me. The bird is in there somewhere.

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I met up with my brother the trout, Salvelinus fontinalis, this morning to do a little foraging. The good news is chanterelles have begun fruiting in the Enchanted Mushroom Forest. They’re still pretty small, many still buttons, but we found around 30 of these tasty… Read More

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Another unexpected find

After walking The Partners yesterday evening, I thought I’d take out the garbage and the recycling as pick-up is this morning. As I pulled out the garbage bin, I notice something unusual tucked in the corner by the fence…. Sorry for the picture quality. It… Read More