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Piping Plovers

It’s not every day you get to see an endangered species in its natural habitat. Piping Plovers are little shorebirds that hide in plain sight on beaches, and Presqu’ile Park near Brighton Ontario has a significant Piping Plover nesting area. I visited Beach 1 on… Read More

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Site 229

When I was a young man going camping, we never reserved a campsite. We’d just show up, claim a site, put some money in an envelope and drop it into a lockbox. These days, it’s necessary to reserve online. The good part of that is… Read More

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The Twenty Seventh Street Ducks

Last year, a pair of mallards nested here on Twenty Seventh Street. Well, they’re back. For the past week, the female has been sitting in the tree and the male has been guarding from the sidewalk, or sometimes, from the middle of the street.