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On the River…

IMG_2132My neighbour’s son Ethan wants to learn fly fishing. I took him one day last year to the Grand River, and this spring I sent Ethan and family to a trout farm, where he caught his first trout on a fly. Today we went to an upper section of the Credit River so Ethan could get a little more on-stream experience and get an idea what it’s like fishing a stream.

The water was very high for this time of year as a result of the recent rain. It was also discoloured when we arrived. By the time we left, the water was still high but had cleared considerably. Fortunately the fishing is always good even when the catching isn’t so hot, as  I caught the only trout today and it was less than 4 inches long. Ethan was able to get some on-stream casting experience though, and I was able to show him typical trout habitat.

Ethan’s little brother and his dad came along and all of us went for a hike along the rail tracks to look at the falls, where the Credit River tumbles over the Escarpment. It may not have been the best fishing day but it was a lovely day to be out enjoying the day.


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