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…but it’s a dry cold

I returned today from a whirlwind work trip to Edmonton. I landed in a city already enjoying a serious snowstorm.IMG_2581 And it just kept on snowing and snowing. So every conversation started with, “quite the snowstorm, eh?”

Then the temperature started dropping, leveling off at around -30. This does not phase Edmontonians, who like to say things like, “but it’s a dry cold”. I like folks in Edmonton a lot, but let me say this…once it gets below -20 –  wet, dry it’s all just freaking cold.

IMG_2579 2I asked my taxi driver from the airport if Edmonton was a good city to live in. He said, “I come from India, been here 9 years. It’s a good place, good jobs….but the snow sucks”….then he added, “at least it’s a dry cold”.

It was an excellent work trip, but there was an added bonus. I got to finally meet longtime blog pals Karen and SME. It turns out there is a term for this: MIRL, as in MEETING IN REAL LIFE. What an enjoyable evening! Hoping to see them both again when I return to Edmonton in December.

IMG_2578I’ve had a couple other MIRL experiences. Last year I met up with Barb AKA Bad Tempered Zombie in Calgary, and a few years back, another long-time blog pal, Allyson, visited Toronto, and I can say each of these events has been fabulous!

I flew back this morning, arriving this afternoon, with enough time to unpack and have a coffee before going off to brother-in-law Peter’s 60th birthday dinner. Great dinner, fantastic company. Between all the travel, my body’s difficulty coping with the time zones, and the big meal, now I’m totally zonked and am going to bed shortly. Good night all.


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