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Banjo Practice – it’s back

Those of you who dropped by the other night know I was foiled in my attempt to videotape more banjo practice when my trusty old point-and-shoot camera bit the dust. I was thinking today that I carry around a phone that takes pretty good pictures and video – if only I had some kind of device to hold it in place, I could shoot banjo practice videos on my phone for now.

I stopped into the Apple store after work and picked up an item that clamps onto my phone, sits like a tripod, sticks like a magnet and can grip by wrapping around almost anything. Back in business.

In last night’s post about my camera I posted a couple versions of Bonaparte’s March. I have a ways to go to really relax into this tune, but that will come with time and practice. My banjo is in sawmill tuning with a capo at the second fret, and the 5th string tuned to A (A-modal tuning). I like this tune because it is haunting and hypnotic and repetitive. Unlike a lot of Old Time tunes which are up-tempo and suitable for square dancing or flat-footing, this one is more like a relentless dirge.

I mentioned in the post the other night that I learned this tune from Cathy Barton Para at the Midwest Banjo Camp last June – in a class about banjo tunes from the Midwest.

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