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Songs for your local log-driver

I was talking with my friend (and current houseguest) Anthony yesterday about Wade Hemsworth and how a couple of his tunes, such as the Long Driver’s Waltz and the Blackfly Song seem like they have been part of the Canadian experience for a very long time. Maybe they’re embedded into our genetic code by now. I think that has a lot to do with the National Film Board shorts created around these tunes. Here’s the Long Driver’s Waltz. I’ll bet most of my Canadian friends are very familiar with it, even if they don’t know Wade Hemsworth wrote it and Kate and Anna McGarrigle who performed it.

How many songs can there be about being a log-driver? As far as I know there are two, although maybe there are others I don’t know about. The other one is also a great tune. It’s by Mac Beattie and was recorded with his Ottawa Valley Melodiers.

I love these tunes about a Canadian way of life from another time. Who writes tunes for a resource-based economy these days?

CORRECTION…of course there is a 3rd log-driver’s song, The Log Jam Song (Whitewater). Here’s Mr. Hemswoth…

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