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27th Street Kitchen – check out the latest at

With thanks to our friends at Nice Old Stuff!

With thanks to our friends at Nice Old Stuff! See more photos at


  1. Is that a chalkware bird? I love that it was added to the mosaic! My mom has a few old chalkware items that she inherited, but I know she’d never allow me to do something like this with them unfortunately.

      • We accumulate all kinds of stuff that can be used for mosaics. Some of our neighbours have even dropped backs of old mugs and other ceramic material on our porch. Toys are fair game, wood cutouts, chalkware, action figures, beads – in fact just about anything you can stick down.

          • We’re always looking, and sometimes it is a very targeted search. For instance when we did a giant grackle, we needed a rich variety of black and blue and grey and we needed to find material that had an iridescent quality. We had to get some specialty material at tile stores, but mostly we shopped at places like Goodwill, where we shop by colour. Tuffy P has done some mosaics that feature wood animal cut-outs – those were all found at a wonderful shop in Jarvis Ontario called Nice Old Stuff. Going into that place is like entering a Tardis. It seems small from the outside but nearly infinite inside. They have all manner of material that can be re-purposed.

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