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Exotic butterfly…

When the storm came yesterday evening, Tuffy P moved her mosaics operation from the deck to mosaics central. She finished it off while I put my feet up and watched the first ever episode of Columbo. If you haven’t seen any of our mosaics before,… Read More

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Butterfly mosaic

Tuffy P finished the first of a pair of butterfly mosaics. The first has a familiar pattern… Here is is in context on our fence, along with a painting Tuffy did for the garden a number of years ago. Tuffy P says the next one… Read More

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Bench check

It’s been a couple months since we installed the Magnolia Bench, and we wanted to do a quick technical check – just to make sure all the tesserae were solidly in place and there were no issues with the grout. I drove out for a… Read More