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More Canadian fiddle

I like to celebrate Canadian fiddle music from time to time here at 27th Street. Most people automatically associate “Old Time” music with Appalachia, but up here in Canada, we have a very well developed fiddle tradition. Calvin Vollrath is as good a fiddle player as you’re going to find anywhere. He lives in Alberta and plays in the Métis style.

Here is Mr. Vollrath playing a tune he wrote for another of our great fiddle players, Natalie MacMaster – and as a bonus, Ms MacMaster joined him on stage to play it with him. Here is Natalie MacMaster’s…

Here’s Mr. Vollrath playing with Al Cherney, another western Canadian fiddle player, who was well known for appearances on the Tommy Hunter television show.

Calvin Vollrath has been an excellent and prolific tune writer. This next video features yet another great western Canadian fiddler, Patty Kustorok/Lamoureux playing the the tune Mr. Vollrath wrote for her. He is supporting this performance on guitar.

I want to make a note about YouTube here. For the old time music enthusiast, banjo freak, etc, it is just the greatest resource. Everything is at our fingertips, a few keystrokes away. It was not too many years ago this musical museum was not available. As regular readers know, I’ve been learning clawhammer banjo and I can’t imagine trying to learn it without videos at my fingertips showing me all the regional styles and all the great and not-so-great performances.

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