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Getting out

Amongst the chaos here at Casa 27th Street, including my injury, Memphis’ surgery and the painting of a few rooms in our house (including bookshelves), we have a house-guest – our friend Toni is in town from Glasgow. It’s always a treat to see Toni! Last night she took Tuffy P and I out for dinner to The Cellar Door, a fairly new eatery just down the Lakeshore in New Toronto.


The Cellar Door is a fairly spacious, friendly place featuring wood-oven pizza and home-made pastas. Dinner was delicious. The appetizers were fantastic – particularly the grilled octopus, and the pan-seared scallops. Pizza was thin crust wood-oven pizza, generous portions, and very nicely flavoured (I had one featuring wood-smoked bacon – yum!). My only criticism of this restaurant was that it took a really long time between appetizers and pizza – not a huge deal I suppose, but when you have a broken ankle, it’s hard to sit still for a long time without putting your foot up and wait-time becomes more of an issue. Still, the food was excellent and the atmosphere friendly, and The Cellar Door is a nice addition to our community.

I haven’t been out very much since my injury – and today I pushed things a little and I was out twice (East Texas Red is in town from the land of Big Joe Mufferaw, and we popped out for a burger and fries at lunch). This was a reminder to me that I still have some healing to do, because by the time Toni, Tuffy P and I returned from dinner last night, I was ready to lay back, put my foot up and relax – and I turned in soon after.

This morning I’m relaxing at home, while East Texas Red is joining some of the regular trout bums who haunt one of our local trout rivers for the annual opening day breakfast. I still can’t drive with a cast on my right leg, so I’m laying low this morning. I enjoy this occasional get-together, and a finer rag-tag bunch of fly fishing cranks you won’t find anywhere. I won’t be getting much fly fishing in this season, though, as I want my ankle to fully heal – maybe I’ll get out a couple times in August/September, so I’ll have a couple tall tales to share when the cranks get together for Christmas dinner.

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  1. I am glad that you are enjoying company and getting out on the occasional excursion. Keep healing and don’t push too hard.

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