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Ankle Update

We sallied forth early this morning for an appointment at the fracture clinic at Toronto Western, with Dr. Syed, who ably put me back together after my March 9 tumble from our front stairs.

There is some excellent news and some somewhat frustrating news as well. The first bit of good news is that my injury is healing very well, and my surgeon says my X-rays look great. The second bit of good news is that they cut my cast off (yay, that felt so great!!!) and gave me an air cast to be used for safety only. In other words, I can keep it off as long as I can safely do so, but I can put it on around the dogs or if I’m out and about, or any time I need it for safety. The frustrating news is that, even with the air cast, I’m not to put any vertical weight-bearing on my right leg at all for 6 more weeks (Arrrrggghhhh!), meaning I’m still going to be hopping about on crutches. I’m to start physio-therapy twice per week (+ homework) and today I’m making arrangements for that.

As well, I’m also looking for a cart for the main floor of our house that will help me do things like make lunch (try moving things from the fridge to the counter to the table while using crutches) and feed the dogs. My doctor has told me I can begin working again (in a home-office situation) on May 11. I’m hoping by next visit to my surgeon first week of June I can shed my crutches and more or less return to a normal life schedule.


  1. Toni

    Hi eugene
    Did I not see you this afternoon walking your dog? What about your weight bearing ankle!

    • No, I cannot walk the dogs. We have a dog walker who comes each afternoon, and if you saw Georgie on his walk, it was with her. I wish I could be out there doing it, that’s for sure. Memphis isn’t going out for walks either, as she has had recent knee surgery. It will be at least 6 weeks, maybe longer before I will be able to enjoy dog walking.

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