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On this walk with George in Long Branch

May 29 starting outTUFFY P here – heading out for the night round with George…I’m not sure who’s more concerned about who here – Wonder Cat is holding down the fort – George is taking one last look before we hit 27th Street…BarkIf you think this is a ho hum shot, well it is. But just imagine some sound effects.. like serious barking. G has just barked his brains out at the orange dumpster just behind the bush. The bush was key – George prefers the more secretive approach to losing his mind at something in public….

Lake Prom passing M and ENow we’re moving… on Lake Prom – just passed E&M walking their pup ….Posing at C and A'sPosing in front of C&A’s stunning front garden!  Met up with them – heard stories about a wonderful black newf named Reggie. Loved swimming with the family at the cottage so much.. many a plate glass window broken if Reggie saw people going into the lake without him…..

Treat request25th Street – G with his Kreskin eyes, asking for TREATS! TREATS? TREATS!

HomeSafe at home…pulled up to be welcomed by some red cats…..


7-10 pmanother great end to a Long Branch walk with George… May 29th.

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