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Free Books on Twenty Seventh Street


We encountered a wee problem at the 27th Street Book Box today. I took the photo which accompanies this post this morning on my way out to physio and as you can see the box is good and full with many excellent books.

At some point during the day, somebody came along with several more books and tried to fit them all in. This mission was accomplished (with some fine selections) but unfortunately the door would no longer close properly, the box was so crammed with books. This person left me a note. “Need more room.” Well, maybe, or maybe we need more people to come and take some books home to read. I’ve had to take a couple books out (they’re waiting in the bullpen for a little room) so I could close the door.

You can help me solve this problem. Come by the Twenty Seventh Street Book Box, located in front of 15 Twenty Seventh Street, (you can’t miss it…it says BOOKS ROCK on the door) and take home some books to read. Some other time, drop by and leave a book or two.

Our Twenty Seventh Street Book Box has kept a pretty good equilibrium from the start. It is usually almost full or full and there is a steady turnover of books. I heard the other day that the book boxes up by Humber College could use a few fresh books. If you have some you were going to drop at Twenty Seventh, I suggest this is a good time to fill up those other boxes first.


  1. I would love to do this at my house but unfortunately there are too many teenagers s roaming about with nothing to do and loads of ideas for creating mischief. I did start it at work though and it has really caught on, the shelf in the canteen is now crammed with great reads and constantly changing. Thank you

    • So far we haven’t had any vandalism at all here. In the winter it doesn’t get so much play but in the nice weather people are stopping by taking and dropping off books regularly.

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