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A little Friday adventure

Both Tuffy P and I had the day off work to day, so we decided to take a drive out to Jarvis Ontario (past Hagersville and before Port Dover) to visit our favourite place to find nice old stuff for the house and garden, a place called Nice Old Stuff. Nice Old Stuff is like the Tardis in Dr. Who. It doesn’t look so big from outside but once you’re in there, it seems to open up almost infinitely. You never know what you’re going to find there. It was our source for the materials for the Twenty Seventh Street Book Box, the giant fiberglass crown in the back yard, the cement choo-choo train planter out front, the word dream on a stick, and more.


Today we found an assortment of excellent items to re-purpose for the garden, including the pair of pillars you see being lashed to the Subaru.

With the car loaded up, we drove up the street to D and D’s Family Dining for an excellent fish n chip lunch before the drive back.

As the various items we came home with today find their way into the garden, I’ll post pictures. Will the oxen yoke be the base for a bird house or part of a new garden bench? We haven’t quite got all the details worked out yet.

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