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The 27th Street Podcast: Episode 2 is up

The 27th Street Podcast: Episode 2 is now available. Today’s guest is gardener extraordinaire Jennifer Arnott, talking heirloom tomatoes and unique perennials. Here’s Jennifer with a selection of heirloom tomatoes she brought over for Tuffy P and I. They are superfantastic!

IMG_4153Show Notes

Music – I played both the opening refrain and the closing music on my Bart Reiter Standard open back banjo. The opening music is a bit of a fiddle tune known as The Forked Deer or sometimes The Forky Deer. I’m playing it in CC tuning. The closing music is another fiddle tune, Cold Frosty Morning, played in Sawmill tuning.

Tatiana’s tomatobase – where Jennifer sources her heirloom tomato seeds
The big tomato in the photo – the variety is Sicilian Saucer.Jennifer uses Spanish River Carbonitite, or SRC to fertilize her tomatoes.
Visit Jennifer Arnott’s blog.

Jennifer’s perennial picks:
Giant scabiosa
Japanese anemone
Japanese painted fern
Persicaria painter’s palette
Lorraine Sunshine false sunflower

Please feel free to comment on Episode 2. If you have suggestions for future podcasts, I’d love to hear them, or if you think you should be a guest on a future episode, drop me a note and tell me why. Watch for Episode 3 coming in September.

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