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The new Yumart gallery space has opened

I was at the grand opening of the new Yumart gallery space today, and was excited to see the new gallery, (which is wonderful), and also charged up seeing the first exhibition in the space, Collage Paintings, by Tim Deverell. IMG_4284I really enjoy Tim’s work. His paintings/collages present as fields of images that come together and gently hum, but as you get closer, more and more detail emerges. These works don’t give up everything on first blush. Instead they offer you different tastes as you get to know them. You make friends with them over time, and they continue to surprise. This is a really fine painting show. I highly recommend checking it out. Tim Deverell’s exhibition is on until October 3.

I think the new gallery space is a great move for Yumart. The gallery is a fine space in a good building, andĀ  more and more art lovers will find the gallery now that they are at 401 Richmond. Of course I have a selfish reason for hoping this turns out to be true as I am represented by Yumart for my paintings.

Yumart is at 401 Richmond St. West, Suite B20.

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