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The Last Word

This small painting (about the size of a large dinner plate) was intended for my last solo show but was not exhibited. It’s acrylic on masonite and it floats off the wall a little bit. I’ll let this one speak for itself.

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Drawing in the garden

The days have become hot but here by the lake the mornings and the evenings cool down beautifully. I’m thinking about making some large paintings out back in the garden but first I want to I draw for a week or two, in my notebook… Read More

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Our lumberjack whirligig suffered the ravages of winter and is down for repair. Fortunately, we have a back-up. I gave the fisherman a tune-up today to get him working well and installed him up front on the pole.

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A few years ago I made some small paintings using materials like cardboard, flyers, and various other bits and pieces of stuff I found around the studio. I used an add-and-substract process, gluing materials on, adding paint then ripping back layers of material. They’re bumpy… Read More

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St. Phillips

In late September/early October of 2001, Sheila and I honeymooned in Newfoundland. Thanks to a friend out there we had a great place to stay in Pouch Cove. We did lots of hiking and some landscape drawing while we were there, but most importantly, the… Read More