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A good seat on the bandwagon

Yes, I’ll admit it. I’ve jumped up on the Blue Jays bandwagon. Hard to believe, I know.

There was a time I was a casual baseball fan. I used to enjoy listening to the games on the radio while I did other things like work on paintings in my studio. Those were the days when Tom Cheek and Early Wynne called the games. I used to like it when Tom took a bathroom break and Early called the “filth” inning.

Then came the baseball strike. When was that – 95? The idea that the super-rich owners and the super-rich players would have themselves a labour dispute seemed so silly to me. There was plenty of wealth there for everyone with excess gold spilling over the edge of the pot. I just couldn’t believe they couldn’t sit down and divide up the pie in a way everyone could be happy with. I abandoned ship completely. From 1995 until this year I have no idea what happened in baseball. I neither listened to nor watched a game.

Then this year the team traded up and went from mediocre to pretty great and it perked my interest. OK, they stacked the team with a few top-drawer players, but there is no way they’re going to catch up, or so I thought. I was pretty sure there was no way the Jays were going to make the playoffs, but I began paying attention. I found myself checking scores. How are those Jays doing? And then I started listening to games. When they last played the Yankees, I actually went out to a local pub, had an ale and some mediocre wings and watched the game on the pub’s many screens. I’ve never done anything like that. In fact, it’s pretty rare I go to a pub for any reason these days.

So, OK mea maxima culpa, I jumped on the bandwagon. I even find myself jabbering about the team as if I know what I’m talking about (trust me I don’t). Go Jays Go!


  1. inkcasualty

    bring some friends….there is plenty of room on that there bandwagon! and seeing as you be hitting the pubs for sports these days do yourself proper and check out one of the World Cup rugby games

    • Oh my, I wouldn’t want to over-do things and watch other sports too. That can lead to really bad things like believing the Leafs might win.

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