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Time Machine

Five-pin bowling is a Canadian phenomenon. It began around 1909 at the Toronto Bowling Club. For those who have never seen it, five-pin uses a much smaller ball than ten-pin, small enough to fit in the hand – without finger holes. We volunteer for the… Read More

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No Joy

No Joy in Mudville today, as our beloved Jays were beaten by Kansas City last night. I guess it’s time to quietly slip off the bandwagon and go about my business. I’m no big sports fan. I might tune in to watch some playoff hockey,… Read More

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Here’s an idea…time for a new professional hockey league in Canada. 8 teams. Let’s see…um….Halifax, Sherbrooke, Markham, Brandon, Whitehorse, Saskatoon, Red Deer and how about Kelowna…..just off the top of my brain. It doesn’t have to be a squillion dollar outfit. Go for medium size… Read More

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They’re Off

The Queen’s Plate is in the news, not only because it’s going to happen on Sunday but also because the historic horse race is in jeopardy. Horse racing needs to stand on its own four feet because Ontario can’t afford to subsidize it any longer,… Read More

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The New Math

This is the time a year when calculations start. Pundits are calculating when the Leafs will be mathematically eliminated from the playoffs. They fooled some folks along the way this year by winning some games, but now they’re back to true form. In a time… Read More