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Sometimes a delay is ok

Occasionally, I have to travel to Ottawa as part of my job. Living where I do, I usually fly out of Pearson, but yesterday I was going in and out on the same day. When I booked my flight, I hadn’t considered the possibility of a home baseball game. Instead I thought I’d book my flight out of Billy Bishop – the Island Airport. I figured I would miss traffic both ways because I was flying out at 6:45 and flying back at 6:20. I was in the air between Ottawa and Toronto when all hell broke loose. When I landed, I hurried through the tunnel at Billy Bishop as best I could and hopped in a cab during in the eighth inning. My cabby had the game blasting on his radio, even though he didn’t know anything about baseball (“how many innings are there?”), and he had me rocketing west ahead of the crowd. The game ended just as he turned down Twenty Seventh Street.

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