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A little staycation

I’m enjoying a few days of more or less unplanned staycation time this week. I say more or less unplanned because there are a number of things that need to get done around the house this week, and I’m working on knocking off at least a few of those jobs.

Staycation also means scheduling my physio appointments at the civilized time of 9:00 AM rather than my usual pre-work 7:00 AM appointments. Today I finished physio, and popped into Service Ontario (across the hall) to renew both my Health Card and my Driver’s License. Amazingly there was no line-up and I was in and out in no time. From there I went to the gym and enjoyed a long swim.

On the way back stopped in front of a new Thai place on Lakeshore, near Long Branch Ave, called My Thai by the Lake. I was pretty hungry after that swim, so I thought here is an opportunity to check out a new place in the neighbourhood. It’s mostly a take-out and delivery joint but there are a few tables, and I stayed there and had some lunch. I took advantage of the lunch special and had Pad Thai with chicken, which was served after a spring roll and some hot and sour soup.


My Thai by the Lake is not fancy, but the food is really good and prices are reasonable. I think I paid around $11 for the lunch special + a drink. I left with one of their menus – maybe one day Tuffy P and I will have some dinner delivered from this place one day. There’s a good selection on the menu including vegetarian options, and if the rest of the food is as tasty as today’s lunch, I’m betting it will be pretty good.

Options for this afternoon include:

  1. afternoon nap
  2. empty the central vacuum and fix the muffler that keeps falling off it
  3. work on some paintings
  4. afternoon nap
  5. fix the broken whirligig out front

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