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The best whiskey?

A Canadian rye whiskey has been named the whiskey of the year in Jim Murray’s whiskey bible – Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye. That surprises me. I know Canadian whiskey makers have been upping the ante on quality whiskies, but in my little imagination, even the best rye can’t possibly be as good as a fine single malt like Superstition or Highland Park.

Still, I’m willing to suspend my disbelief and I’ll be looking for this swanky whiskey at my local booze store, and I’ll give it a try, purely for scientific purposes. Maybe I’ll do some taste comparisons with the bottle of Superstition currently populating my booze cupboard.

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  1. Salvelinas Fontinalis

    I am always suspicious when I see awards being handed out without an explanation of what the award is all about, how the winner is selected and who does the selecting. For example I believe that in Canada your book can be called a #1 bestseller if you sell 5,000 copies. The author’s mom could but that many copies if she wanted Sonny to have a bestseller. That doesnt sound like very many books for a national bestseller to move out. Most automobile magazines crown a Car of the Year. This is usually done right near the beginning of the model year so that the award will have a big impact on sales. Does anyone other than me suspect that xyz magazine’s car of the year selection might be based a bit on which car spent the most on advertising with that magazine? Does anyone else wonder if it would be better to wait to anoint a car of the year until the end of the model year to see how often it was recalled?

    Still, there is an incredible opportunity here. Here is what to do… Step 1: invent a whiskey award that hasnt been used before. Maybe something like the people’s choice award or some other thing that every distillery would want to win. Step 2: Get some swanky letterhead. Step 3: Write to every distillery on the planet to explain your award and suggest that they submit 2 bottles of their best booze for tasting and evaluation. You need 2 bottles because from each entry you will ship one of the bottles to me. Call it a finders fee for providing this brilliant idea.. Step 4: Select a winner and hold a press conference to announce the winner. You can select the winner either by actually tasting all the submissions, or, if one of the distilleries slips a couple hundred bucks in with his submission you can just automatically award them the prize. If you do a good job with this you might well get hundreds of bottles of wonderful booze sent to you to be tasted. Nice work if you can get it.

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