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The Changing Face of Twenty Seventh Street – Part 5


There was a crew out in front of 2 Twenty Seventh when I got home from work today. They were digging some sort of deep trench down the property and out onto the road. Maybe they were doing drains – I’m really not sure. I think the trench seems awfully close to that huge silver maple in the front of the property, but I guess that’s for the Urban Forestry people to decide. This property owner destroyed all the other trees on the property without a permit prior to building. I sure hope this one maple has a chance to survive.

Meanwhile there were cement trucks and dump trucks idling on the street this evening. One cement truck idled in front of our home (facing the wrong way) for over 2 hours. I didn’t check what time they finally shut down their operation tonight but I know it was well after 8:30.


I’m trying not to be annoyed by all this construction. There’s going to be a lot more of it before it is done. The foundation is in for the over-sized bungalow at 6 and I guess they’ll start banging up the structure soon.

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