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Texas Gals

I’ve been learning a tune called Texas Gals on the banjo, so I’ve been listening to some different versions. Here are Al Hopkins and his Hillbillies….

Here’s a nice version by a group called The Monks, featuring a square dance caller….

I’ve been learning the tune from a teaching video by a wonderful banjo player named Hilarie Burhans, who has very generously put a boatload of videos up on her youtube channel to help the banjo-challenged like me to learn some tunes.

I’ve discovered that as I get more experience playing and have seen many if the common patterns show up in various tunes, I’m enjoying learning from videos more and more. With a video, I can listen to how it sounds and can also watch the fingering, which I find very helpful.

Once I practice this one for a while, I’ll try playing it on video as well. I find that recording myself is a great learning tool. When I listen to myself play, sometimes it sounds to me far better than I know it really sounds. When I record myself and then play it back, I can better hear what I really sound like and that helps me make adjustments to my play so I sound better.

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