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Tangerine (or what we did on New Year’s Eve)

We typically enjoy a very low-key New Years. Doing as little as possible has become a tradition here at 27th Street. New Years started for us with take-out from a local Thai take-out joint here in Long Branch called Thai by the Lake. This is a fairly new business in our community. I really like the people there – and the take-out is tasty and dependable.

Tuffy P had a DVD ready for some after-dinner movie watching. It was a 2015 film called Tangerine, written and directed by Sean Baker. I guess you could call it a Christmas Eve comedy, but it’s not your usual Christmas fare.

The film is set in Hollywood, but not the fancy-pants star-studded Hollywood. The star is a tranny hooker named Sin-Dee Rella, played by Kitana Kiki Rogreguez. It’s Christmas Eve, she’s been in the slammer for 28 days, and when she emerges back to the streets, Sin-Dee discovers that her pimp/boyfriend Chester has been cheating on her. Sin-Dee is not amused.

Mya Taylor plays Sin-Dee’s best friend Alexandra. James Ransone plays Chester, who works as a pimp and small-time dope dealer out of a donut shop. Karren Karaguilian plays a cab driver named Razmik, a character interwoven into the story.

Here is the official trailor….

I loved this film. Great story, great acting, fantastic cinematography. I read it was shot entirely on an iphone! Tangerine is raw, hilarious, touching – a crazy romp through a side of Hollywood we don’t usually see. One of the top films of 2015!


  1. Salvelinas Fontinalis

    No. No no no. No movies about black transvestites thank you very much. Lee Marvin would roll over in his grave. Have script writers so totally run out of ideas that they have to fall back on transvestite movies?

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