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Tim Noonan at Yumart



Yesterday afternoon we were at the opening of Tim Noonan’s show of new paintings. That’s Tim in the picture with his painting, Turtle Island. Check out Tim’s work at Yumart Gallery. With this exhibition, Tim continues to bring his exuberant, sometimes jarring, expressionist palette to the landscape, including the urban landscape. It’s a very enjoyable show.

We’ve known Tim for a long time – in fact we studied together at York University in the early 80s. At some point a few years after that, Tim, me, Sheila Gregory, and Ron Bloore used to go out “Sunday Painting” together. We would drive out of the city and look for interesting landscape to paint and draw. We never knew where we would end up. I recall Tim would often rush off on his own and come back with some of the most stunning watercolour paintings. Bloore would usually find a comfortable spot and do pencil drawings of the forest floor at his feet. There was usually a picnic lunch involved.

I loved those painting and drawing trips, which we did off and on for a number of seasons. Once we drove up to the Sundridge area for a weekend of painting and drawing. We rented cabins by a lovely lake. I recall when we booked the cabins, we told the folks there we were painters. They assumed that meant house painters. I guess they figured there was a house painting convention in the area.



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